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Why I Ride

March 16, 2010

I ride for many reasons – I’m sure we all do. How can you not? Cycling is addicting. You begin cycling for one reason and then it spills over to another reason. I know people who began riding as a mode of transportation – to get to work and back. Now, they’re doing century rides, charity rides, races, scavenger hunts, etc. I started riding for the rush of going fast on tight, twisty singletrack. That led me to racing mountain bikes – to push my limits to the max and compare myself to other thrill seekers. I never thought I would be a commuter with a bike decorated with lights and fenders, and a wardrobe covered with highly visible reflective tape. Pretty soon, I will have a mirror installed to my commuter-only bike! What???, I don’t have one bike dedicated purely for commuting? That’s crazy talk, I need to fix that problem. Do we really need a reason to why we should own one more bike than what we already have? No! Remember, riding bikes is a healthy addiction. And when you step back from your own bike addiction and take a look at the entire cycling culture, you will be amazed how similar we all are. This video inspires me to ride more and reminds me how passionate I am about cycling, I love it! Oh, and it reminds me that I get to wear spandex and pretend to be Spiderman.



March 5, 2010

I found this short film on today and thought I would share it here. “Commuter Dreams” is made by Merritt Raitt and his family. I’ve been in the “peloton” on my commute and it can be intense. High heels are spinning, skirts are flapping in the wind, neckties are tacked down, dress slacks are tucked into socks, and helmet mirrors are freshly polished. Thousands of blinky lights are strobing and the race to dinner is on! Ahhh, the thrill of a commute!

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