Why I Ride

I ride for many reasons – I’m sure we all do. How can you not? Cycling is addicting. You begin cycling for one reason and then it spills over to another reason. I know people who began riding as a mode of transportation – to get to work and back. Now, they’re doing century rides, charity rides, races, scavenger hunts, etc. I started riding for the rush of going fast on tight, twisty singletrack. That led me to racing mountain bikes – to push my limits to the max and compare myself to other thrill seekers. I never thought I would be a commuter with a bike decorated with lights and fenders, and a wardrobe covered with highly visible reflective tape. Pretty soon, I will have a mirror installed to my commuter-only bike! What???, I don’t have one bike dedicated purely for commuting? That’s crazy talk, I need to fix that problem. Do we really need a reason to why we should own one more bike than what we already have? No! Remember, riding bikes is a healthy addiction. And when you step back from your own bike addiction and take a look at the entire cycling culture, you will be amazed how similar we all are. This video inspires me to ride more and reminds me how passionate I am about cycling, I love it! Oh, and it reminds me that I get to wear spandex and pretend to be Spiderman.

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One Comment on “Why I Ride”

  1. Sandy Says:

    Sue! I love this post. I agree that riding is a healthy addiction!! And wearing spandex is a serious bonus! Spiderman pushes the limits on his two wheeled horse on the tight and twisty singletracks of Oregon. Smile if you love riding a bike!!! 😀 Ride Happy!

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