Avoid Vehicle Idling

I wish I was witty enough to say this but I’m not so I’m quoting someone…
“The comparison isn’t actually fair. Public urination, even on a large scale, would have a much smaller negative impact on the planet than unnecessary idling. So for the love of cute kittens, turn that engine off.”

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One Comment on “Avoid Vehicle Idling”

  1. Kevin Grandjean Says:

    ThermoKing has a new product out called the TriPac-E basically a battery powered version of the Truck APU (Auzillery power unit) the added benefit of APUs even the small engine ones, as they burn less fuel than the big engine. The TriPac-E eliminates engine idling altogether, but using deep cycle batteries.

    As for me, I do not have an APU, but I do limit my idling time when it is absolutely nessicary

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