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April 27, 2011


We are always looking for ways to improve the fit, function and features of our garments.  If you wear our Club Convertible pants you can be part of the design process.  Please take a quick minute to fill out a survey on the Club Convertible Rain pants here:


New VelEau Hydration System Video

April 15, 2011

For those warm Spring nights

April 14, 2011
Pedal Nation T-shirt

Reflective ink offers a stealthy way to stay visible


We have yet to experience any warm nights in Portland this year.  Spring in Portland is a combination of rain, clouds, hail, partly cloudy, showers, hail and “hey everyone, I think I can see the sun”.  Blink and you might miss it.  I guess this immersion in foul weather is what makes our rain gear is so great.  We know rain! 

For all of you in warmer climates or for those that dream of warmer nights our limited edition Pedal Nation shirt is in and ready to go home with you today.  While there are many cycling shirts out there to help proclaim your love for two wheels to the world, very few feature silver reflective ink screen printing that lights up like a Christmas Tree at night.  15 bucks aint bad either!

Introducing the Showers Pass VelEau

April 8, 2011

42oz of water plus room to store your bike tools

VelEau Hydration System


 The Showers Pass VelEau™ 42 Bicycle Mounted Hydration System is a breakthrough cycling hydration concept that promises to change the way cyclists think about drinking fluids.  The Showers Pass VelEau 42 Bicycle Mounted Hydration System ( relieves the cumbersome burden of lugging a backpack-style hydration system and makes drinking more convenient and safer than reaching for traditional frame-mounted water bottles.

The unique and innovative VelEau design fits securely under the saddle and employs two patent-pending retractable reels that allow the rider to safely and easily access a hydration tube and bite valve. The VelEau also solves the dangerous issue of reaching for a water bottle while riding, particularly when in a paceline or hammering in a racing peloton. The VelEau’s “Get the Pack Off Your Back” solution alleviates this concern.

The VelEau utilizes a specially shaped 42-ounce (1.25 liter) container – twice the capacity of a standard cycling water bottle – that fits inside a formed under-the-saddle bag. In addition to carrying the bottle, the VelEau bag also boasts a built-in tool bag with room for a spare tube, multi-tool, nutrition, etc.

In addition, the VelEau features a high-quality, food-grade polyurethane drink tube, and two retracting reels that keeps the drinking tube held securely in place, even while riding on rough terrain. The VelEau bag attachment system uses a ratcheting buckle that provides a solid attachment to the seat rails.

The VelEau™ 42 was invented by two engineers – Frank Bretl and Mark Proia – with input from endurance cyclists to remedy the challenge of carrying sufficient hydration during ultra-endurance mountain bike races. Many mountain bikes allow for only one water bottle while some don’t have room for any at all. Explained Bretl, VelEau co-inventor and chief hydration officer, “Why carry a hot, sweaty and constricting hydration backpack when you can let the bike carry the water?”

Ideal for all types of cycling – mountain, road, triathlon, touring, commuting, and recreational cycling – the VelEau™ 42 appeals to riders of all abilities and styles simply because it is much easier to use than a water bottle, and it keeps the burden of carrying the water on the bike – where it belongs.

Look for the Showers Pass VelEau™ 42 model on the shelves of your favorite bicycle retailer in July 2011. MSRP is $80. or

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