Introducing the Showers Pass VelEau

42oz of water plus room to store your bike tools

VelEau Hydration System


 The Showers Pass VelEau™ 42 Bicycle Mounted Hydration System is a breakthrough cycling hydration concept that promises to change the way cyclists think about drinking fluids.  The Showers Pass VelEau 42 Bicycle Mounted Hydration System ( relieves the cumbersome burden of lugging a backpack-style hydration system and makes drinking more convenient and safer than reaching for traditional frame-mounted water bottles.

The unique and innovative VelEau design fits securely under the saddle and employs two patent-pending retractable reels that allow the rider to safely and easily access a hydration tube and bite valve. The VelEau also solves the dangerous issue of reaching for a water bottle while riding, particularly when in a paceline or hammering in a racing peloton. The VelEau’s “Get the Pack Off Your Back” solution alleviates this concern.

The VelEau utilizes a specially shaped 42-ounce (1.25 liter) container – twice the capacity of a standard cycling water bottle – that fits inside a formed under-the-saddle bag. In addition to carrying the bottle, the VelEau bag also boasts a built-in tool bag with room for a spare tube, multi-tool, nutrition, etc.

In addition, the VelEau features a high-quality, food-grade polyurethane drink tube, and two retracting reels that keeps the drinking tube held securely in place, even while riding on rough terrain. The VelEau bag attachment system uses a ratcheting buckle that provides a solid attachment to the seat rails.

The VelEau™ 42 was invented by two engineers – Frank Bretl and Mark Proia – with input from endurance cyclists to remedy the challenge of carrying sufficient hydration during ultra-endurance mountain bike races. Many mountain bikes allow for only one water bottle while some don’t have room for any at all. Explained Bretl, VelEau co-inventor and chief hydration officer, “Why carry a hot, sweaty and constricting hydration backpack when you can let the bike carry the water?”

Ideal for all types of cycling – mountain, road, triathlon, touring, commuting, and recreational cycling – the VelEau™ 42 appeals to riders of all abilities and styles simply because it is much easier to use than a water bottle, and it keeps the burden of carrying the water on the bike – where it belongs.

Look for the Showers Pass VelEau™ 42 model on the shelves of your favorite bicycle retailer in July 2011. MSRP is $80. or

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