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Our Once in a Blue Moon Warehouse Sale – This Saturday!

November 8, 2011

This Saturday visit our Portland Warehouse and score some great deals!

Samples, Seconds, Refurbished and Closeout Jacket, Vests and more.


New Accessories for VelEau 42

September 7, 2011

Check out some new accessories for the VelEau 42 Hydration system.

VelEau 42 Cleaning Kit

Keep your bottle clean with this affordable brush kit

42oz Bottle

Our VelEau 42 Fill Bottle holds….you guessed it, 420z!

If haven’t seen the VelEau 42 yet and wondering what it is,check it out here.

VelEau 42 Bike Mounted Hydration System

Bike Commute Challenge month

September 1, 2011

This is a photo of our bike parking facilities at Showers Pass headquarters.  This month we compete in the Bicycle Transportation Alliance’s Bike Commute Challenge.  We encourage all employees to bike to work every day of September.

September is a fun month in Portland, summer winds to an end and cooler Fall temps tease us  in the mornings.  We brake out the base layers and rain gear trying to calculate the perfect layering for the length of our commute, the outside air temperature and our body temp.  We put the fenders back on our bikes and watch the clouds for signs of rain.  Each year hundreds of Portlanders go from fair weather riders to year round commuters.  It’s inspiring to see the bike traffic grow with each year as thousands are empowered to travel under their own power, one pedal stroke at a time.

Awesomeland: Women of Dirt

February 25, 2010

In Portland! Tonight! 7pm at Clinton Theater! I’m very excited to see this film. Often, the camera doesn’t do justice to the terrain these ladies ride. I’ve stood at the top of many jumps and “features” and have decided to stick with cross-country riding – aka, keeping my wheels on the ground. There’s a lot of talent out there in the bike world and am glad there’s another bike movie dedicated to women cycling.

View From the Top

August 11, 2009

This past weekend a few Showers Pass Team Members volunteered or participated in the 2009 Providence Bridge Pedal.  About 25,000 people participated in this event and proceeds from the ride benefited the Providence Heart and Vascular Institute and the Bicycle Transportation Alliance (  which works to promote bicycle use and improve bicycling conditions in the state or Oregon.

Check out the fun during the Family ride at the top of Freemont Bridge as a train  passes below.

Showers Pass Photo Contest

July 29, 2009


 Showers Pass is currently accepting photos of you and your SP gear for publishing in our 2010 catalog and website.   We are looking for photos in all weather conditions that represent how you use the product.

Women's Elite 2.0 Jacket

Women's Elite 2.0 Jacket









Please include a brief description of how you ride: recreational, commuter, road,  mountain, etc. and any other comments on the gear.
Winners will receive 30% off your next purchase from Showers Pass, 5 copies of the catalog (featuring your photo) and infinite bragging rights.

To enter, email your photos and contact information to:    
before August 6th 2009   

Cycling Rx: healthier people, healthier planet

July 17, 2009


Here in Portland we have the luxury of living in one of the most bike friendly cities in America.  With 8-12% of all commuters riding bikes daily it’s hard to ignore the fact that cycling is becoming a more acceptable, safe and accessible form of transportation.  I am fairly new to the cycling community.   In fact I’ve only been riding a bike regularly for a little over a year now.  I’m a native Portlander and partly due to our already fabulous transportation system I never got around to getting my driver’s license (I’m 25 – yeah it’s crazy).   So last Spring it made perfect sense to me to take the bike commute challenge ( as a way to gain confidence on my bike, get to work faster and get a little exercise in the mix.  I grew to love my 9 mile commute each day and managed to ride to work almost every day for 2 months.   I got the job at Showers Pass last November and have been commuting 11 miles daily through the rain, wind, and 30-90 degree temperatures.  It’s been amazing. 

I talk to customers from around the country every day who are minority cyclists (my definition: cyclist that are biking in areas where biking is considered a recreational activity, not an widely acceptable mode of transportation).  They are the few that bike all through the rainy wet season and need the gear we offer to protect them from the elements.  Unfortunately since Portland is atop the list of bike friendly cities most people I talk to do not enjoy the benefits of city bike paths, bike boulevards and the hundreds if not thousands of bike related events Portland offers. 

With the economic crisis and an increasingly unhealthy American lifestyle the policy makers are starting to take notice of the benefits of cycling as a way to reduce carbon emissions and increase health benefits for the cyclist and the environment.   Neal Peirce details how Portland reaps the benefits of investing in bike infrastructure in his article ‘Biking and Walking: Our Secret Weapon?’ published in the Washington Post:

 “It’s time, argues Keith Laughlin, president of the Rails-to-Trails Conservancy (, for a mega-federal step forward–toward “active transportation.” What would that mean? A quick answer: Walking and biking accepted as legitimate, viable and healthy transportation modes, worthy of priority, not last-and-maybe federal support.

Cities that have already invested seriously in walking and biking access are demonstrating solid results, Laughlin claims. The lead example: Portland, Ore., where $57 million has been spent on in a 300-mile bikeway/pedestrian network since 1991. Portland bicycling has lately increased up to 15-20 percent a year, and another $100 million trail investment is planned. By 2040, Rails to Trails calculates, Portland’s net benefit from better health and reduced fuel savings will be $1.2 billion, representing an eye-catching 8-to-1 return-on-investment ratio.”

Read the full article here:

It would be great to see the Portland Bike Bubble explode and influence transportation development around the country.  Spread your bike love to someone new today!

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